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The ESG App is a digital resource on the regulatory development and thematic topics in Sustainability. It is available for iOS/macOS (mobile and desktop) and Android (mobile) devices. We help enhance awareness, relevance, and productivity of related work in sustainability reporting, materiality, and carbon/climate action.


General information
The General Information module contains News, Podcasts, Glossary and Resources. News and Podcasts offer streaming news/opinions/articles on ESG and Sustainability, and ESG-related podcasts with an in-app player. Glossary offers a convenient platform to search for definitions of key sustainability terms from credible sources. Sometimes, multiple definitions are listed for the same term (e.g., impacts and risks), since different sources define the term differently. Users can find definitions for terms such as climate mitigation, climate adaptation, physical risks, and transition risks. Users can also search by terms or definitions to find the correct term for a particular concept. Resources is a digital library of documents issued by various agencies. Users can find recommendations, guidance documents, and implementation guidelines released by organisations such as Science-Based Targets and others.
The Regulations module contains CSRD, ESRS and EU Taxonomy sections. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) section offers an interactive resource on all CSRD disclosure and application requirements that allows you to search and find the requirements for the ESRS 2, MDR, ESRS E1 to E5, ESRS S1 to S4 and ESRS G1 disclosures. It also links sustainability topics (sub-topics and sub-sub-topics) to the relevant disclosures. A searchable set of terms used in the regulation is the third section in this module. EU Taxonomy is a comprehensive set of criteria for disclosing the climate impact of activities across the entire spectrum of the economy. It sets out six environmental objectives, and assesses how each activity within a sector makes a substantial contribution towards an objective without inflicting significant harm on any of the other objectives. Taxonomy Criteria allow users to search for these criteria by environmental objective and activity.
Greenhouse Gases
The Greenhouse Gases module contains Verra projects, GHG emissions converter, and environment data at the corporate, city and county levels. The Verra Registry includes comprehensive project-level data on Verra certified projects. The Verra Registry module enables searching of the Verra Registry by project ID or by a set of search criteria. Converting various business activities to CO2e allows businesses to aggregate, estimate, and compare their GHG emissions across the entire value chain.  GHG emissions converters allow users to search over 2,500 GHG conversion factors from activities to CO2e emissions. It encompasses categories of activities covered under Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3. Example activities include flights, road travel, electricity, waste disposal, and various complicated forms of fuel consumption. Up-to-date environment data (e.g., Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 as reported) at the corporate, cities and country level are aggregated and presented in a searchable format to allow for quick data search.
The Materiality module contains Materiality topics, Corporate Sustainability Reports and Materiality Clusters, Net-Zero Commitments sections. Many companies are voluntarily conducting materiality analysis. What material topics are reported and how do they compare within and across sectors? To find comparisons of materiality topics, Materiality clusters offer users a comparative view of reported materiality topics across the Environment, Social and Governance dimensions. Users can view sector-level dynamics of materiality topics and retrieve material topics reported by companies through their latest annual sustainability / integrated reports. Over 4,000 companies have set science-based targets, and over 2,500 companies have made net-zero commitments.  Net-zero Commitments allow users to search for the near-term, long-term, and description of the targets set by these companies who have reported to Science-based Targets.


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