Projects and partnerships

We are seeking partnerships to expand our activities

In addition to our digital tools, we are seeking limited-duration, flexible, and complementary partnerships on business sustainability. Our strength combines depth of expertise with practical experience for a collaborative partnership.

Projects and partnerships

We work to enhance the awareness and impact of Sustainability in Business across the corporate sector and its value chains.

In addition to our digital tool, we seek partners to co-define and co-support projects that further contribute to our objective and expand our impact.

The scope of our activities includes:

  1. Knowledge building and dissemination on various aspects of Sustainability in Business
  2. Business process re-definition incorporating Sustainability in Risk Management and Opportunities Assessments
  3. Materiality analysis and understanding of the multi-stakeholder impact of Sustainability in Business activities
  4. Original research promoting the theoretical and applied understanding of sustainability and its impacts

Reach out to us and discuss your interest in working with us.

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